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Rupertia Travel is named after my late great grandmother, Rupertia. My late grandmother spoke of her fondly during my childhood and loved her mother’s name, Rupertia is a flowering plant, there are 3 species and 2 of them are quite rare. As you navigate this site look out for the Rupertia. Rupertia also means friendly and charismatic and those who have the name reportedly make a positive impact on the world. My late grandmother always told me I would have impact everywhere I travelled and thought I was brave to embark upon my travels, which were sometimes alone and off the beaten track. Fortunately, I travelled to Los Angeles with my late grandmother, and I remember her face when we arrived, she was impressed by the welcome on arrival, quality of the hotel, marvellous buffet breakfast and the exquisite location.

We had a fantastic time, and it is one of my fondest memories! Rupertia Travel is born out of my love for a fantastic holiday, a passion I inherited from my mother who allowed me to experience many countries at a young age. I have been truly blessed! My mum gave me the opportunity to travel independently to Tenerife in my late teens and after having such an amazing time, from that moment I knew that I would be travelling forever. If you are anything like me, whilst I am travelling and before I have returned to the UK, I am often planning my next travel. So, when the opportunity came up to become an Independent Travel Agent and have my own Travel Franchise it made perfect sense as it connects to a natural passion.

I am mum to a wonderful daughter who becomes excited about the next travel adventure, and I come from a family that is full of love and energy and I commit to showing you warmth and honesty when helping you to turn your next travel into stories.